[PAID] SMP_Downloader | Ct_tricks

Please upload test apk

Nice Extension, but i’m waiting for a day which i can download vimeo and Dailymotion videos with this aix

I want to buy an extension. answer me

Do you want to sell this extension source code

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Anyone… test app pls with youtube and tiktok video downloader

PM me

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Recommend!!! super!!!

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Excitation by linnk

I need this extension source code.i upgrad the extension 50+ websites add this extension

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Why not create your own extension if you are able to upgrade his extension


Well, I bought this extension about 4 months ago. It does NOT work.
The developer @help_cttricks said it is a server issue and now he is not answering my messages anymore. :triumph:

Very nice. I suggest you to add the option to add stories from Instagram too

I need api key

You messaged me yesterday randomly and quoted that response in a message, please do not do that again (this is why I close my PMs). By the way, ask the developer not me or someone who doesn’t know much about this topic. Thanks.

He recently changed his server. You can message him on telegram he is not active on community

What is his Telegram account?

Pm me for his username or you can simply get it by searching on YouTube

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Please refrain from posting such information about others in public.

They will probably be against the sharing here.

Please post such informations in PM’s, this time, to @Hassan.


How to buy

PM @help_cttricks