[PAID] All Media Download Extension Update v3


This Extension allows you to download posts ( Images or Videos ) of Social Media platforms.

  • Download from 20+ websites with one-click.
  • Facebook Video
  • Twitter Video Download
  • Instagram Video/Photo
  • Vimeo Video
  • Dailymotion Video
  • Tumblr Video
  • Buzzfeed Video
  • Break Video
  • Flickr Video
  • Imgur Video
  • Soundcloud Music
  • Liveleak Video
  • Tiktok Video (Without watermarks)
  • Mashable Video
  • IMDB Video
  • Pinterest Video
  • Likee Video
  • And more…

Update V-5

Note:-instagram/FB Stories and private videos currently not working


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Working Blocks


Demo APK V5

Coming Soon…:+1:

Note:- This extension works on the only companion for testing purposes.
If you want to use it in your app, a license is required./

Extension Price:- ₹350/- Only | $6 USD Only.
Extension + AIA Price:- ₹450/- Only | $7 USD Only.


There is already an extension available to download videos from social media.

In half price that of your :joy:


But our extension supports Dailymotion Video, Vimeo Video, and more than 20 websites.
once again check my description.


Does your Extension give preview url of video for example play Video in video player online before downloading?


Hi, nice work.

Download link

com.avm.AllMediaDownload.aix (106.0 KB)

Note:- This extension works with a license.

If your extension work only with license, why you post aix link ?
Nobody without the license can use it …

I Think You Need A Key OR Something like that To use the Extension

Yes, I understand it. but why post aix file if i can’t test this extension without license.

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I am trying to download Instagram video story but its showing error

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Are you using any third party website or company api in this extension ?

Work Perfect For Me for Instagram Video Not sure about story let me check it

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Currently video story not supported

You Must mention that In The Post Clearly, That What Is Not Working.

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Yes, you can test on only companion but doesn’t works on compiled apk

Yes Possible…

Ok, very nice !!!
Why do not you say it in the post it is important ???

Only you can test aix on companion without license…

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Using my website

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Please don’t tag users just to get attention.

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it is
Possible to download dailymotion video that protected by password.