[PAID] Spreadsheets Extension : Read, write & modify data from sheets 🔥

You can enter data into the spreadsheet by row, but to obtain the values ​​they will always be in columns. You store each column in a list, I recommend using the Web component.

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Use GetRow function to get row values easily and faster.

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I am still waiting for an update sr, I do not need the most updated but at least one that supports SQL queries

Another thing I didn’t understand, when I use CreateRows and some value contains a “,” comma as shown in the example image, it is separating into a new column, is there any way to fix it?


Since you are using “,” it is expected to happen that way. Remember that lists are comma separated items

I actually don’t agree, because I’m already inserting it into a list! individual items and not in a formatted string, but how can I insert a comma then? and don’t separate the columns…
because this list looks like this: [“Column A”, “Column , B”, “Column C”]
os list length: 3

Then you will need to read the documentation. You see the Make List block but in reality what you are doing is “Column A, Column, B, Column C”

it is like this [“Column A”, “Column , B”, “Column C”]
os list length: 3

This really happens, you can save the data Column. B and when you download this column you convert the (.) to (,)
The same thing with monetary values.

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in fact it doesn’t make sense, I think it could be a bug in the extension, just like any other character it is possible to insert it, because if I wanted the B to go to another column, I would put it in a new item in the list, right! Otherwise, you will have to replace the “,” character when sending it and reformat it in the Google table, an unnecessary service!

My God! Everything is like this, I can’t use “,” comma in any cell in the Googlesheet, which is creating new items in the lists, I’ve never seen this, because in the other extensions I use it doesn’t happen like this! now everything is messed up here, because I was aware that each value in the cell would have to be an item in the list, regardless of the “,” comma in its content, as it is a database and I may need to store text and this may contain “,” comma, what now?

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Hello, queries in the SqlQuery block are limited to displaying only 1000 records, if I use a query that has more than 1000 records it only shows the first record, is there any way to increase this limit value or any way to display all the records in the query using the SqlQuery block?, thanks!

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I have been a loong time trying to get an updated version that Supports SQL, I bought the extension quite some time ago but never received the updates as suggested by the Developer. I have been contacting him almost every day via Telegram and he only ignores my messages…