Pause between procedures

I have 3 procedures that execute in sequence (A, B and C)", but I want to stop the processing between “B” and “C”, and return to the execution of the APP, after clicking on the screen.
I appreciate the help.

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In between ? Have routine B started?

And what will be the flag or what will make this routine B stop?

To be more specific, I want to pause the app and then resume execution.

Under which condition ?

When I show an image dialog, the processing of the app continues, I need to stop at that point, until I click on the screen.

When the dialog box opens, why can’t you stop the process? What is this process?

@iberlucio_santos, you can use this extension: DelayHandler. It provides the pause that required between your procedures.

Try and feel the use of this extension.
Keep koding…
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