How to wait for the timer countdown?

I have a procedure with several actions to be performed one after the other. In between there is a countdown. How can I set that the action that come after the countdown is performed when the countdown is done?
I don’t know if I have explained myself, I hope so…

Show Your Blocks What You Have Done So Anyone Can Help You

My blocks are so difficult to understand, so many variables. Just want to know how to perform a countdown after another countdown in the same procedure.

Are You Staring CountDown Using Clock ?

Try to use Clock1 and Clock2. When Clock1 stops, it fires the 2nd one.

start the second action in the Clock.Timer event
Please Wait method by Scott

Yes, I did that. But the problem is that all the rest of the procedure is done, without wainting to the countdown to end.

you have to move all your blocks you want to start after the countdown into the Clock.Timer event

See next topic to understand synchronous and async exec.

Then, try this extension

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I’ll study that. Thanks.