Payment Methods for Buying Extensions

I have seen a lot of awesome extensions and I really want to buy them but the problem is that extension developer use only PayPal as a payment method and it is not available in our country. So it is request to extension developers to add an alternative to PayPal like Skrill or any other method.

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It would be better to to talk to the respective developer of the extension you are willing to buy.
May be he can provide you any other solution.


Where do you live?

I live in Pakistan

this is help you

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@Nivu_Techy I think you haven’t read my post.


Also Paypal Takes Too Much Commision


I Think Google Pay Should Be Alternative


try paytm @zainulhassan

Paytm not available outside India.

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razorpay Payment Gateway

I think you don’t wanna understand what OP wants to say. Please read:



Next time, please do some research before replying here.


Actually there are so many problems taking payment from bangladesh and pakistan as they neither have paypal nor google pay
One possible way that i can tell is to send amazon gift card

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from bangladesh we can pay google play gift card also.skrill, payoneer also available. But paypal doesn’t :neutral_face:.

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Yeah, Skrill and Payoneer also available in Pakistan.

Actually kodular should provide a platform for this where we can buy using our credit cards
If kodular is not doing so then search for a platform that provides a gateway via credit cards m also live in Pakistan and only suitable method is credit card because skril and all other becomes very expensive for us
We can’t pay less than $10 and that’s not a good option

So its a request to Kodular teams if they want to develop a platform like this with minimum or suitable service charges etc


But they are expensive because we have to add skrill dollars from cash mall acount and we can’t transfer less than $10 in this transaction and its not a suitable and good option for us.
Two months ago i bought an extension that costs $5 but i paid $10 because there was no anyother option left for me

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what about play store’s in-app purchase service? I think you just need a credit/debit card for that.
But I have a doubt about this service that whether we get that money instantly in our bank or after $ 100 threshold?

Anyone using playstore’s in-app purchase service? please clarify my doubt :sweat_smile:

By using IAP Google take appropriate 30% commission
Read more here :

Nothing is free in the world :wink:

Link which you provided results in “Sorry, this page can’t be found.”

And the money will be transferred to our account when it reaches $ 100 or like that of Paypal (no minimum redeem value) ?