Can paypal alternative be made

As you know, there is Kodular io in-app purchase component, but you need to have a play console account for this, an extension called paypal has been made, but paypal is not used in my country.

I will add something about purchasing into my application too
how can i do that
this by phone number or
can i do it with an extension is there such an extension

thank you


i think there is a deep host extension

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how so is there a way to do this

you can search for other Payment extensions in the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps
just search for pay


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which one could not find exactly

In puravida extensions all I could find was paid extensions

there might be a reaon for this… TANSTAAFL

you get what you pay for…

what about Paytm+ Extension by Abhijith Dominic