Paytm+ | Extension | BETA!

(Abhijith) #1

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(Admire Developers) #2

Always in support of you bro but why free atleast 1$ price sorry 100 INR

(Abhijith) #3

Thanks :smiley:

There are extensions which already exist that are paid so I decided to make one for free …

(Admire Developers) #4

Nice idea bro but it is with link or without link

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(Abhijith) #5

I did not understand … What Link are you talking about?

(Admire Developers) #6

Do we have to add merchant id or payment link

(Abhijith) #7

It requires Merchant ID

(Admire Developers) #8

Thats new i think you are developing at least two extensions a week

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(Aravind Chowdary) #9

:clap::clap::clap: Great work bro !

This image can help you understand how it actually works

(Abhijith) #10

Thanks for the Comment! :smiley:

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(Sridevi Kannan) #11

Does this extension uses the official Paytm sdk or uses the post request on web?

(Abhijith) #12

It Uses the Official Paytm SDK and The checksum has to be generated from your Server

(Admire Developers) #13

@salem_m_s2030 why you said no i think paytm is not in your country so voting no is not a good thing.

(Young Star Club) #14

How to use this extension

(Abhijith) #15

Welcome to the Community ! This will help you understand it. You need to generate a checksum which is the hardest part but you can see how to do that on Paytm website

(Aman Jain) #16

Can you please make a video explaining the process of using this extension?
I mainly didn’t understand, how to generate checksum…

(Abhijith) #17

This Video Might Help you on how to generate the checksum :

(Aman Jain) #18

But can you please explain the extension. Because i am not getting how to implement the blocks.

(Abhijith) #19

Did you make a Business Account in Paytm?

(Aman Jain) #20

Yes I have a business account