Paytm+ | Extension | BETA!

(Abhijith) #21

Were you able to get all the details other than checksum?

(Aman Jain) #22

Is this right?
I am testing this out

(Abhijith) #23

Thats not how you initiate a Transaction… You have to call the Start Payment Block On Button Click and the header value should be true of false. If you want to show the Paytm Header Set it to true or else set it to false. The Transaction Response is called when a User Does a Transaction

(Aman Jain) #24

Ok, so you mean, when the button is clicked Start Payment block is called and then I have to add “when transactionResponse” block which contains " call initialPayment" block.

(Abhijith) #25

no You have to initialize first then start payment in the same Button Click. Transaction Response is only to know what the user did

(Aman Jain) #26

Ok, tell me one thing, in checksum i have to add the link of my website from where i am generating the checksum. right?

(Abhijith) #27

No You have to call the website via web component and set the response as the checksum

(Aman Jain) #28

Can you please elaborate

(Abhijith) #29

Use a Web Component. Set the url of the web Component as your website url where the php file is located then use the Get function. Then use the Got text Event to get the response then set that response into the initialize block as checksum

(Aman Jain) #30

Is this the right way?

(Abhijith) #31

Yes, It’s correct! Well Done. You can Call the Start Payment Anywhere you like after getting the response

(Aman Jain) #32

I exported and tried this, but this is not working… Its says checksum mismatch

(Abhijith) #33

It clearly says the error… Invalid checksum. Your checksum details do not match the Details in in the app

(Aman Jain) #34

But i have the same MID and Merchant key provided by paytm. Then why it is showing invalid?

(Abhijith) #35

All the other details has to be same

(Aman Jain) #36

So should i edit generateChecksum.php ?

(Abhijith) #37

Yes, You have to send data to the generateChecksum.php, There are many tutorials in the internet to know how to do that

(Admire Developers) #38

Bro i think you should start a youtube channel to help users how to use the extensions.
This one is insane to understand for me.

(Vishal) #39

@Abhijith_Dominic maybe you should add a example block screenshot in this topic so other will get the concept of how to use this extension properly, that way you dont have to provide any tutorial or any aia file

(Abhijith) #40

@teamadmire01 and @techcvr I always Provide Example Blocks with my extensions but this one is an exception because The checksum generation is a bit hard and is very long. They have to watch some YouTube Videos In order to understand. They need personal servers etc