Payment not showing in Balances and transactions

I think they need to process batches daily, to avoid delays, if something went wrong then it can be fixed.

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kodular can’t send my payment also

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Congratulations :confetti_ball: You’re about to get last month Accrual but still you didn’t get July Payout Great :clap::clap::clap::clap:

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When @Kodular is releasing Last Month (August) Accrual and what about my Missing Payout still i didn’t Receive yet ? :cry: @Diego @Vishwas @Kodular

You should need to forget missing payout

Why i will forget?

Just now i checked with my Bank there is no issue from Bank @Kodular @Diego @Vishwas

It’s all very long, this month adsense paid on the 22nd, and we still don’t have our earnings and then it takes a little longer to receive, they need to be faster.

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Sometime kodular add in 25, 26,27…
May b staffs are busy :+1:

kodular should automatic this system for faster financing . its 2022. who still lives in 90s?

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Staff are always busy :roll_eyes:

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By Manual people are not getting their payout what happened if they set it Automatic :thinking:

Nothing until now… :pensive:

Just updated the balance. :slightly_smiling_face:


Guys check your Balance it’s updated :tada::partying_face:

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Team kodular can’t give me any response regarding this issue they hold my huge amount they just hold my because they asked you using multiple kodular account’s not a serious issue but they just hold my 10k$ they can’t give me any single response they just hold payments… Iam unable to withdraw my payment… I already said I can’t using multiple accounts but kodular hold my huge amount payment 2 months payments they can’t send @Diego @Vishwas


It’s a huge loss for you @Kodular please help him

Where is the Payment? @Kodular @Diego @Vishwas

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Guys, I received my payments that were pending, as I said I switched to pay pal, and I realized that it is easier to receive than by bank account.

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Are you talking about July Payment or August?