Payout not received

@Diego please resent my payment

@Diego , @Kodular My January, February and March payments are not received. Why you are not giving any response. I am posting and sending mail to all your staff but no one is replying. Please check this issue I am waiting for my payments since 3 months. Please please please solve this issue and send my payments.

#Diego #Kodular Please have a look into payout system because i didn’t received my last two withdraw payments into my Paypal account this never happened before but this time it took more and more time and even till now I didn’t receive my payment Please fix this problem Thank You :grinning:

this month also not recieved…
in my case i dont know after sdk updated iam earning below 1 doller daily from 3 apps…

i have more users but don’t know why the kodular team not responding mee , don’t know why iam a admanager user from launch time

do something please please ad 0.10 ecpm floor also in my case when low ecpm more impression and good earning

@Diego @pavi2410

Atleast a replay​:pleading_face:

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anyone got last month payment ??

I have not received it. Please help.