Payout not received

I requested payment withdrawal on 24-Aug
My payment dashboard detail showing payment delivered on 12-Sep .
Still I have not received my July payment in my Bank Account.

Hopefully issue will be resolved soon. Thanks @Diego and Team.k

@diego can you please unblock @aamee account from community as he is unable to comment on this post. his account in on hold from long time.

my payment arrived thanks​:+1:

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is there any change after admanger sdk update…?

I don’t know how to check it

Currently export not working

@Diego export not working

One buildserver was stale, just rebooted it, wait a few minutes for it to become available

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@Diego Also, why are we declaring location permission in manifest considering that we don’t use it. I dont know if ‘our’ ad manager needs it. Huge majority of apps using admob/ ad manager are not using it & they have moved to advertising id permission.
Can you explain need of it ? or remove it if not required.

I got the payment on time every time.
But this time I don’t know whether the issue has come yet the payment of September has not been credited in my bank account.
I want to tell you that there is a problem in payment delivery method.
And this seems to be the first time that the payment has not reached in bank account.
I request the Kodular Management to resolve this issue as soon as possible and take a good decision regarding those who have not received the payment yet.
I have received withholding tax amount but still have not received actual payment please do something about September Payment

Mr @Diego Mr hope you are doing well.
I have received payment of recent withdrawal and also received Withholding Tax Amount of July 2023, but my actual amount of July 2023 is still not received.
Please Check it and kindly resolve the issue.
Hope Kodular Team will give me positive response as soon as possible.
Waiting for response.
Thank You.

My pending payment of July 2023 received today Thanks @Diego and Team.

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I have also received my pending payment of July 2023 at yesterday. Thanks @Diego and Team.

We received our payments Thank you :blush:

My pending payment of July 2023 received in morning today, Thanks @Diego and Team.

Hello admanger users did you fill advertisment id option in playconsole? is we need to fill yes or no for using admnager?

Hello @Sooraj_Aniyeri, you should fill as Yes.

ok after that there is few more option what i fill there?

My payment of Jan 2024 Not received and Also Not Revievd Payment Email , Please CHeck my Balance and Withdrawal Payment Status . Thanks Diego and Team.

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@Diego i withdrew payment on 9 th but still it not proceeded by kodular no mail , is there any issue regarding the payment?