Percentage of the number

I searched the forum for a solution to the problem, but I couldn’t find it. I downloaded aia file
Calculator.aia (37.8 KB)
from YouTube, percentage retention of the number does not work. downloaded extension
extension removed by Mod - only the developer can upload directly an extension
does not work. Help me subtract from 17000-13% = 14790 how to get it? please show in blocks

For example your percentage is 13% and value is 198 then you need to apply this method

198x0.13=25.74 (13%)
136x0.16=21.76 (16%)

Then just minus this value from main data



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Extension used is Interests And EMI Loan Calculator Extension and if you have any issues maybe the developer can help you

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Otherwise create a procedure



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I’ll check it now. thanks

Hey, you are using more blocks, you can test this aia, your percentage problem has been solved… even you can do anyother function with % and you can redesign your blocks in a similar way… i hope this will be your most simplest solution.. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i have deleted your big length block and simplified into most easiest way, test it and let me know your suggestion…

Calculator(1).aia (36.6 KB)


Correct me if i am wrong… I have used Dictionary method… (easy way of learning and building blocks for multiple operations…)

Please show your block. dont give aia file

It is returning file

Percentage block


Reset block


as per above blocks, he can do either + or / or along with %

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Did you test your aia? Is it working what you have expected?

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