Performance Strategy Question: WebView


I have a couple images that I want to have pinch and zoomable. So I thought the easiest thing would be instead of using an image component, I use a webviewer, have it only show the image, and that way we can pinch and zoom within the display size.

I have three images I want to do this for, and am wondering if there are any performance issues I may run into have three webviewers on one screen in an app.

Any thoughts on this?

it depends most probably on the image sizes and your device…
try it to find it out yourself and let us know about your progress…

Okily Dokily. It will be an interesting experiment for sure.

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Ok so I did something different for now. I setup a short click sooms it 1005, and a long click zooms 200%. Repeat either a short or long to return to normal.

I think that will work for now :slight_smile:

I had this idea a few days ago and it worked just fine.

Using Canvas is maybe not stable, but at least, it is working. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m using Canvas with Taifun’s Swipe method.

I also added pinch to zoom.