Permission Error

I am facing this error plz help
And there is nno option of location permission

Please provide more details, what permission error, where is it occurring, what blocks are you using etc.

show your blocks please for the location sensor.

Did it ask you for location permission when you installed and started the first time?

Sujalbrowser.aia (859.1 KB)

This is aia
It is not asking for any location permissions

I normally do not do this, but I had a quick look at your AIA

  1. The issue about the location might be because some of the sites you are calling want the location. So you need to manually request it.
  2. You are not closing your screens when opening new one.

The Community has answers for both issues.

Search and the answer shall be presented unto you.

No this is not due to sites without any sites this error is coming
Screen is always closing
I mannualy ask for permission but not working

I do not see anywhere you ask for permissions.

You are not closing the screen properly.

When screen2 initialize I ask for permission but it is not asking

Can you show your blocks which you used asking for permission?