App close if i not give permission

app close if i not give permission to location access within secondsKodular-Creator

And your question is? Your image are not viewable. Post a new one.

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The same image as you posted before. It is not readable. Did you try to look at it yourself?

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try this image

Use this block in the boot block


Thanks, but the name of permission

One of them:


But the permission is requested automatically by the Location_Sensor component, so no need to ask for it manually.

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Thats right that the permission given automatically but it happens that it takes few second after the location appears the app close

Does that happen every time?

Yes :+1: everytime since I change my device from samsung s9 to Samsung A10

Ok, but what does your topic mean “App close if i not give permission”?
As I said, the permission is requested automatically. Did you deny it?

If I not give geolocation permission within few second , the app close and not open again

You mean, if you not enable → Location ? grafik

If not enable it into 3 second , the app close

I know some phone deny the permission after 5 second

But next time again it ask until you click on “deny & don’t ask later”

Edit: You can make to get permission on screen 1 or make special screen for asking permission on screen1 if user not give permission then user redirect to screen 3 if user allow the permission then user redirect to screen 2

Your app will not close when permission deny

I tried to disable the Location_Sensor at Screen.Initialize, but that doesn’t work:


So there seems to be a bug with this component. I get the same result if I disable the Location_Sensor in the Designer. Apparently you have to disable it after Screen.Initialize e.g. with a timer. This issue is not present in AI2. → @Kodular

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You right, I open my aia file on Mit AI2 and I found that this issue isn’t exsist

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