Permission granted block not working

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I can not handle permission granted block. so when app initialize i ask for permission and if user denied i ask again till he/she grant permission. when user firstly denied and give permission after reasking all is ok, permission grant block working. but when user giver permissionon first time codes under permission granted block not working. please help me

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What exactly is not working in this :point_down: case?

Also what is the error you are facing?
It would really help if you show us some blocks.

there are some reasons, why you should also provide that information…
protip: else nobody will be able to help…



Android version : 9

i have tested with notification block under “Permission Granted” block. it is not working for first time. when you close screen or app and reopen screen then it works

I’d like you to try something.

  1. Uninstall app

  2. Reinstall app

  3. Click “Done” instead of “Open”:

  4. Launch app

  5. Do permissions testing

Does the issue continue or did this resolve the issue?