Permission Granted block not triggered when Granted permisssion on the app start

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As you know apps needs permissions and with the new update they follow Google rule and asked permissions request.There is no problem with it but.If user Granted permission when apps start its not triggered Permisssions Granted block.So I need check if user granted permission for switch between screen but this litle bug makes problems…I added ask for permissions block to screen init its not work on my test.Maybe i need use timer for this.NWM is it possible fix it ?

Steps to reproduce the issue

Create dummy app and open it.App request permission and give permission to it.And check is it triggered Permision triggered block

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Permission.aia (1.6 KB)


Did you use this.

Edit, Nopp you didn’t.



Thanks for reply boban
Why i need use this? I m talking about other think.I know this block,already using it on my app succesfully.This is bug report about if user start newly installed app,app automatic request Write_xxx permission.If user deny it.Deny block succesfully triggered but if user approve it granted but not trigerred.I m talking about this.

If i manually call request permission block its succesfully triger both blocks.

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