Phone Call Components are not working

Hello Everyone,

I need to use the phone call component in my app but it not working with my app.
I have already searched the community and this is a know issue but haven’t found any solution yet.
Kodular team and community please confirm is this is a bug or we can fix this in any way.

My blocks which is not working/responding


I think no one has an answer of my question

is this your full blocks for making phone call?

Thanks for your reply

Here I am not making any phone call. I’m trying to make a list of all missed calls.but below blocks is not showing any results.

Did you set these permissions?

@Still-learning Can you share a aia file so that I can understand the same

Its a humble request.


When your app initialise you ask this permission using default block and then you set above said blocks. Then try, it will start to show your result.

Not working.
Can you share a aia file

I’m not able to solve this issue

Please help is required

Please read slowly all the contents. You will get an idea

First of all thanks for your replies

Here I don’t want to call anyone. I’m trying to make an application where I will record all missed call number and time of call in app and going to use it as a data base.

There is no need of callback. i hope you get my point

I don’t think so you can filter only missed call from the call log. Anyway let me work on this idea


Phone Call Ended Status will solve this issue but unable to get call details

Hello Everyone,

Please help me with the below block as I’m unable to records missed/Ended calls

here is my final block and its working on App Inventor platform

Its been almost a month but my issue is not resolved. I don’t think so if anybody has any answer.

I guess no one has no solution for my issue.

Stop spamming please. If someone has a solution they will post it.

Dear @deanart2012

I’m not spamming here. If you will check I’m facing an issue from April 27th and I’m updating my concern in 4-5 days so that anybody can help me with it.

I’m not posting on daily basis. I hope you will understand.

Boss use activity starter for calling

Thanks for your reply but I’m not trying to make calls here as I’m trying to record missed/ended calls.