PkgUtils : An extension to work with Packages

It’s very very very rare in india

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I can test it on 8.1.0 and 9 if you want

Can I ask is it installing the app in background in 7 :blush::relaxed:

No.It opens package installer.

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I have android 10 device

hey! after many days… :wave:
May be brought u some extra work?

This block returns a date of the year 2008, and I flashed my os this month? :thinking:

  1. This do not provide the the icon of all apk(s) for instance following are the apk which it fails to get icon:

  2. Sometimes it provides the icon of system app to an app which is similar to it. for example: I have an app calculator from kodular and one from the system, it shows the system’s calculator icon for both apps. Note: This does not happen with all such cases but some of them and Package names are different.

  3. Add an option if this block fails to get the image, it returns a default image

This block only returns the package name of the app in which the extension is currently used.

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True :grin:
Thank you :hugs:

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one doubt this extensions help change app icon and name while using
(sorry for my english)

No not at all.
You can’t modify app after compiling and installing it.

how to make app like apk edittor

I don’t think that is possible to make in kodular.
You can only read app’s manifest using kodular or any ai2 distro.


Hi @Deepanshu_Arya
Can you please share some example screenshots?

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Will do currently outside :+1:


ChangeLog Verson 5

New Blocks

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed (finally) bug in InstallApp method


  • FirstInstallTiime and LastInstallTime methods will now return epoch timestamp
  • Some minor change in Icon method
  • Removed RunningAppsList method
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hope it will be back again

Unfortunately it won’t.
ActivityManager.getRunningAppProcesses() was deprecated in Api 23.

Can you make a function that creates a shortcut to launch an app with a specific screen with the start value

Yes but you will have to know screen name in this case.

In most cases it is for own app

Dear @bodymindpower what permissions are required for this extension