Play Sound by sliding finger over number of buttons

Hello, is that possible to play sound by sliding finger from left to right or vice versa over number of buttons/ Labels ?

Example -
I made a piano app now i want to play all the keys by sliding my finger on it.

So is that possible anyhow even using any extension ?

Have you tried Pianist : Piano View for your apps ?

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Thank for so fast response.
Yup just tried after you send me the link but its not working.
You can’t slide your finger to play keys. Like the actual piano work or like some Piano app already exist on google play store.

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Maybe you could archieve this with a canvas with a keyboard layout. Depending on your finger position (the x coordinate) the right note starts playing.


I finally made a simple piano template myself for fun.


You done a great job @Django_s_Android_App , i tested the aia as well as the apk. But Its not the solution because if i use canvas, lots of issues will come along -

  1. I can’t add many keys as, we can’t slide the canvas.
  2. There will be no effect of pressing any button as the image in canvas is still and fixed.
  3. The biggest problem is if we miss any particular point of key with finger, the sound won’t play.
  4. Even i tried to slide my finger on canvas, some sounds missed in between.

Thank you for your efforts. But need a proper solution only using labels/Buttons

Did you try:

Yes, its not working .

Can you explian what you main of this line , or gave a example

In a piano there are several keys, now one of the main function of piano is when we slide our finger contentiously from left to right/ vice versa it play sound beautifully on each key.

So i want that function in my app, when i slide my finger the key must sound when i touch by sliding my finger on it .

You can have a look for this example

At the beginning of my learning, I watched this educational program and it helped me a lot.

Maybe it will helped you :slightly_smiling_face:

How this will help me :expressionless:
Its just a basic. You really don’t understand what i want to do. Just try understand

Hey, we all understand what you want to archieve. But you won’t be able to do a flung over the keys with a button solution, only with a canvas. But maybe it is time to show us what you have done so far.

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Why you don’t using Horizontal Scroller Arraignment ?

i am already using that soo ?