Required 2 Paid Extensions for kodular

I demand two extensions for which I can pay the developer.

  1. I want a sound recorder with a clear recording voice that only records in app sound. Also, if possible, the user can trim that sound after it gets recorded.

  2. I’d like an extension that allows you to play sound on labels and buttons by swiping your finger across them. As an example, consider converting the number of buttons and labels into a slider.

Can you describe more?
What is your Budget?

Example : Piano
I used labels and buttons for the keys. Now i want to slide my finger left to right ( Vice verse) to play music like a real piano.

Budget - Around 700rs or 10 dollar

maybe you can try the Canvas component

Even on the canvas it won’t work. You can’t slide your finger on screen to play sound on various components.

I created the demo file to set an example what really i want.

Piano_Test.apk (6.4 MB)

Piano_Test.aia (1.2 MB)
Now all I want is to play sound on each key when I slide my finger across the piano screen from left to right or vice versa, just like on a real piano. Also, there are many apps available on the play store with such a feature.

Note: I don’t want to use canvas.

Hey still there is no developer you can build me these 2 extensions ?

You mean internal audio?

Yes with good sound quality

still no one able to develop these extensions i demanded ?

@Taifun @vknow360

I can build the sound recorder aix with facilities of cutting, noise supression

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I need an sound recorder that record in app sound

Sound of which app

See my app is an virtual musical instruments app. So i want to record the in app sound. I tried both kodular recorder as well as wav sound recorder but there is lots of disturbances in the sound. Also i now i want that in only record in app sounds.