Play two videos in different web viewers at the same time

Is it possible to have two web viewers play a video at the same time? When I tried this, one video would pause when the other one was playing.

There are no blocks or anything that could affect this, by the way

Post what you’ve tried so far.

I’m on my phone right now, but it’s just two web viewer components next to eachother with a video embed. No blocks involved, was just testing.

If you are fetching any error, post your problem with blocks.

I just said there aren’t any blocks, and I don’t have an error as well.

My problem is that the two web viewers can’t play a video simultaneusly.
I can play one video, but when I try to play the other video the first video stops.

Thus there is no error and no blocks, they just can’t play at the same time and I wonder if there is a possibility so that they can.

In Websites There Is Code Which Stops Video When The Tab Is Not Active So That Is The Problem And Try To Find A Way By Which You Can Disable The JavaScript , after disabling it , even if the tab is not in work the video will play…


Thanks! I’ll try that :slight_smile:

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