Player not working fine!

when i remove the source component works fine ,it pause and play again from where it left ,
by adding the source component it it plays and when i press again it stops (not pause) starting from the beginning…
your help is appreciated

The Code Says if You Click Image 3 then the system should set the source of the player as 2.mp3
the player does not know that the audio playing before image 3 is clicked and the audio set as a source after clicking the image is the same. so It Just counts it as a New source. now the code says if the player is not playing then “player1.Start
this means it should play whatever the source is.
now when you’re clicking the image3 you are setting the source as 2.mp3 (a new audio file for the player) and that is why it is starting from beginning

can u show me how to fix it in blocks , please

just Delete the block that is setting the source
instead, set your source when the screen is initialised or any other condition


it worked , but i’m facing problem which is both playing same file now ,
ur advice pls

I did not get your problem please explain broadly

when i click on play it plays 1.mp3 , and when clicking on image3 plays same file


If you want to play another file, then you first have to set the source accordingly before playing


still not working , do i have to use many player1 components ?

You forgot to show us a screenshot of your updated blocks



i’m still trying,

To set the source of the player, you have to use the set Player1 Source property
You have to set it in the play click event as well as in the Image3 click event
You also can remove the 2 if statements as these do not make sense like this


can u send me pls in blocks, i’m still into this



now it’s working but it doesn’t pause, it stops and start from the beginning rather than continuing from where it left …

Try this

and read the complete thread…

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thank U so much my friend,it worked just fine ,
have a good day

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