Please add Google Sheets Connectivity

Just like in AppyBuilder, can you please add a option to link Google Sheets as a database. Thank you in advance.

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We already have AirTable Component available, which is more or less the same


The thing is that Airtable doesn’t offer querying data with conditions and most important, Google Sheets is free.
I think is something to consider Diego!

you can use google sheets with Kodular; There are some tuturial out tghere for that.Look at Taifuns Page: He has a good Tuturial for that and i beleive with a sample to use.

You mean, that huge and complex tutorial that mesh peace of codes in blocks and etc?
No man, I am talking about a plugin with the proper blocks that do this trick.
AppyBuilder and Thunkable are less sophisticated than Kodular and have this plugins natively, if is already developed so let’s get in touch with the developer and integrate into the platform.
I’m not sure but Thunkable and AppyBuilder use the extension developed by Shivendra, he posted the extension info in this link (Google Spreadsheet Extension (Paid)).

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AirTable have limitations.
Airtable free version stores only 1200 records.
Google sheet will help us store large number of records.
Please add Google Sheet Component.

You don’t need a component.