Please anyone help me with Airtable stored data Search issue.. with listview

all the device name are column names right

Use your own logic.Read my post:

I do not said last one.
So for that use this:

  • Set base name to spinner selection
  • Then use above blocks

in "then’ section do what you want.

I think you have done one thing wrong @manishthetechguy

No you have to make a working one for his purposes otherwise you are not very helpful :grin:


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I am beginners level… Please anyone help me with Airtable stored data Search issue.. with listview read it again and make a full tutorial guide for this issue…

If you want a ready made blocks or app then hire an app developer.
You just want that someone make app for you for free.
This is not correct.
Use your own logic and ideas to make apps.
You should read these guides:

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Guys Basically He Is saying something like this .

When we type something in Google . Few related Keywords come in Bottom .

For example I search . Samsung it shows Samsung J7 , Samsung J8 , Buy Samsung in the drop down menu .

He just want when someone types Samsung it will show related keywords from Database and show them down.

Am I right? If yes I have the solution :slight_smile:

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And he is saying this also

I think so many solutions are provided to him but he wants full blocks.

No…i don’t want it

Yes,i want the full blocks

I’m available if desired however, i take paid per hour (100/h)


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hi guys i have an app that works with airtable but as soon as you change airtable details the app is not working anymore so if anyone want to check it out let me know

Don’t hijack another topic with you own question. Your question is not related to this one.

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Hi Peter its not a question its help…and i am not hijacking any post i am part of this discussion as well geee whats wrong with some of the people on this form.

You are not the one who started this topic. The topic is about adding a searchbar to the app your question is not. By posting your own question you are hijacking this topic with your question.

Did you read this?

And in your case

Post in the right categorie, post only once and do not steal topics

  • Do not post replies to old topics asking your own question. Start your own new topic instead. Hi-jacking other peoples topics is against the Forum Rules and irritates everyone.
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Peter i am not asking…its not even my aia its a sample of an app that anyone can use but i will keep it to myself. sorry if i HIJACKED this post…

i made a sample search function, think this is what you need.

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Watch This No1 and Great Search Option.

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