Please anyone help me with Airtable stored data Search issue.. with listview

It will be difficult to do with Airtable until you will not tell about data structure.
Also show what you tried.

I think I can make a tutorial or guide on this


That will be a very good idea i am struggling 2

Please make a tutorial for this issue…?

Please wait for a reply from @techcvr.

At first, sorry for bad explain…@David

I want to add 10 category on my app…so I want to create 10 tables on my Airtable spreadsheet… Suppose…my 1st category name is Samsung and my 1st table name also Samsung on airtable… In this table…I want to create a column name as " device name" - where all of Samsung device name are included( like Samsung galaxy j2,Samsung galaxy dous, Samsung note 7, Samsung s3 , etc Samsung phone…) … And in kodular, I want to create a specified screen for search function… In this screen…I want to add textbox,search button, and a spinner on this screen… Then add all the table name on this spinner as a option for choose…( like Samsung, LG,vivo,Sony,Nokia etc 10 category {table}…)… At last…when user want to search any device (like Samsung s3) and select"Samsung" from spinner,and click the search button…it will show the same device name from airtable spreadsheet…and also shows the related device from Samsung…and show the result into listview…how can I do it…? Please help…!

There are many methods for that.This is one of them:

Hope this helps!

@vknow360 Please read my reply again…because I want to add spinner for filtering table (category)…!

all the device name are column names right

Use your own logic.Read my post:

I do not said last one.
So for that use this:

  • Set base name to spinner selection
  • Then use above blocks

in "then’ section do what you want.

I think you have done one thing wrong @manishthetechguy

No you have to make a working one for his purposes otherwise you are not very helpful :grin:


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I am beginners level… Please anyone help me with Airtable stored data Search issue.. with listview read it again and make a full tutorial guide for this issue…

If you want a ready made blocks or app then hire an app developer.
You just want that someone make app for you for free.
This is not correct.
Use your own logic and ideas to make apps.
You should read these guides:

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Guys Basically He Is saying something like this .

When we type something in Google . Few related Keywords come in Bottom .

For example I search . Samsung it shows Samsung J7 , Samsung J8 , Buy Samsung in the drop down menu .

He just want when someone types Samsung it will show related keywords from Database and show them down.

Am I right? If yes I have the solution :slight_smile:

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And he is saying this also

I think so many solutions are provided to him but he wants full blocks.

No…i don’t want it

Yes,i want the full blocks

I’m available if desired however, i take paid per hour (100/h)


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