Please help about Decimal time to Normal time

It worked,
man I’m even ashamed, but I’m learning
where I fit
in a variable that has the result I want to convert?

Minutes, I think I understand, thank you

missing 2 zeros in 36000

Tem como tirar os segundos
da extensão
Para ficar


Has how to take seconds
To stay an hour and forty minutes

I explored all the functions and found what I wanted.

The block programming problem
is to get a guy like me, lol
Thank you very much for your help.

I used hours / min and it worked

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In one of my oldest app, with a procedure I used this to suit my needs


Thank you, problem solved.

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1:40 hours


… or:

In relation to inner join

Cool, so I will do this like the other possible results
why that ANSWER,
Can be

? volume
? hour
? drops

Using your example

Thank you so

I have another problem, I will only work with numbers and periods, I have to prevent the user from entering a comma.
Because, because the point is what separates decimals in many countries, in BRAZIL it is comma. So if the user enters with a comma it will give an error.Anotação 2020-08-17 222948


1-The right thing is to mark the solution of this topic.
2-Then search the community about exchanging strings within a string.
2.1-If not, then create a new topic.
Try To be able to manipulate what the user typed. Make sure you have a comma and replace it with the point.

replace all text Block
contains txt piece Block…
And create the algorithm…

I’ll try thanks

Anotação 2020-08-17 222948


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Do not forget to check Solved so that you can help other users.

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Where to check solved?
there in the image that I put below.

I have another problem, still within that topic, I think.
Why do I have to make calculations with the time that the user enters too.
I managed to transform decimal hours into normal hours
I have to do the reverse now.
I am developing my first program, it will be free if it works.
It is aimed at nursing students, SERUM DRIP CALCULATION
The user can choose what he wants to find, example

I want to find the TIME that a certain amount of serum will run.
I want to find the VOLUME of the serum.
I want to find the number of drops per minute.

It’s almost done. Treating some errors that I am observing.
Then I’ll switch to ENGLISH too.Anotação 2020-08-18 065239

Excuse me trougt i am talking in the private.

You must not create more than one question on the same topic. Review your topic again (the one in the title) and see what was the solution for the first topic. Was there another solution before my solution? Check it.

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