Please help! Building app: Button to start installed android app on mobile unit

Hi! I´m new to this and dont have much coding skills.

I want to build an easy onepage app with one button thats going to open a specific installed android app on tablets.

I found a guide, Guide: How to start another app from my app (with activity starter) - #2 by Vishwas
but the blocks isnt available for me, what am I missing?
I´m missing out on
Call Package Utility .id package installed
Call activity starter
call Notifier etc.

Do I have to import the blocks in some way? Please advise!

Welcome to the community. The easiest way to find components is to use search in palette - Designer View, for example

Once you find the component, drag and drop it in the mockup phone and then go to blocks section

OMG can´t thank you enough!! Works perfect! :smiley:

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