Please help me. After new update showing this problem

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Are you Use deep host music player Extension, and use vertical or horizontal scroll Arrangement then this problem show, contact extension owner to fix it.

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Which extension you are using on that screen ?

Having problem only in List_View_Image_and_Text

Using only exo player

The extension you are using to show the scroll view is become outdated due to Fenix.

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Using List_View_Image_and_Text no other extensions for scrolling

There is absolutely no problem with list view image as it is inbuilt … Pls post your block if you want clear solution from the members

I think you have to do this with the extensions of your project

This is the problem. Kindly recast it

And He will reply :joy::joy::joy:

Is there Search View or Search View Pro Extension in your project ?

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Yes i have this

You have to recast that extension or wait for the extension developer to update it

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Thanks :relaxed::relaxed:

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Any other extensions for search components

You can do it without extension also

It’s not working

What is not working ?

Custom Search Bar with Simple & Dynamic Listview | Guide