Please help me in using the Dynamic Components Extension

Whenever I cast any component Dynamically using the Dynamic Component Extension onto another dynamic component, the app always returns a runtime error. For example when I was using an Image Picker component as an Dynamic Component and I was casting it on a Dynamic Card View the following error showed up:

“$ComponentReturnHelper cannot be cast to”

Please Help me in solving this problem.

Thanks in advance to the community

Welcome to community. Please post a screenshot of your blocks in order to get help

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Also note that only one account is allowed in the community. Which one should I delete @Coder_Asim or @Mess_Dekho_Company ?

You using cardview wrong
You need to add a alignment
And set cardview component to alignment
I remember like that

You are using a combination of Kodular’s dynamic cardview and dynamic ecxtension. Try using only dynamic extension

You can delete the first one

Thank You everyone for the solution. Thanks to the community and specially to the moderator. This is by far the best community I have been in, your quick replies helped me a lot. Thank You Once Again !!!

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If problem solved don’t forget to mark solution :white_check_mark: in order to help other members that might face the same problem

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