Please help me kodular not open way



Try anyother browser, or clear cache of browser, which browser you are using now?

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Use this link

no woring this link

  • Check your connection.
  • Make sure if there is no any software installed on your computer which prevents you from connecting.
  • If you are trying to access from school, work, make sure they didn’t blocked Kodular.

Try also in incognito mode

Btw, don’t know if it has to do with your other account being suspended


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I got same error.

Solution: Add to the Exceptions in Avast.

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same problem with me help please how to solve this problem

What did you do with all the advise that already been given. Another browser, etc. What worked and what not.

not working with any browser
and also not working with my phone on desktop site

Try Doing this @Jigarunagar

Yes same was happening with me
:sweat_smile:I disabled my avast antivirus and then login :sweat_smile::pleading_face:

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my Kaspersky is best, don’t have any personal issues with my Kodular

why using an antivirus nowadays? they are nothing but space+ram+cpu+net consuming softwares that detect anything they find as malware or trojan. I remember 20 years ago it was impossible to surf the net without antivirus because there was no cloud virus detection on hosting services or built in os or browser firewalls and so on. today I just turn on windows defender and enjoy browsing without concern.

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There is lot of Websites and Softwares contains virus, and many other companies making their own virus files to hack systems and destroy data of other systems, like if you are using windows and other companies don’t let you use easily, computers in networking also have issues of getting viruses from other companies to destroy company data, games also contains virus sometimes, last week my computer get infected by a virus and destroy my downloaded data all my Aia and Aix files. just because my antivirus was not enabled.

How many times your computer slowed down because of 100% cpu usage by antivirus? or a regular website was blocked without reason? or had to disable it to install a certain software? or had to open some port on its firewall to be able to play a game online? I have no problem using antivirus once they fix their disadvantages but now I see them more annoying than useful. but I respect your idea.

I don’t know about gaming, because i am not playing games, my Pc is for my work, and i have core i7 , 7th gen with 8 gb ram, when windows load , it takes 2 or 3 minutes to start antivirus and update database, and after that works perfectly fine, websites blocked having virus or trojan and that’s best for me, also antivirus secure my online payment details and make any payment secure , so for me antivirus is useful and important,

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