Please help to solve: Cannot read properties of undefined

Help me.
I’d appreciate it if you edit it.
kts1.aia (39.2 KB)

Error generating Yail for screen 6624001935802368_Screen1: : Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘indexOf’). Please fix and try packaging again.

Try this

kts1_1.aia (39.2 KB)

Compiles fine with no errors

But why can’t I do it? Is there anything I need to set up after registering for the first time?

All I did was to un check and re check again project settings. Refresh creator and it worked for me. Does above provided aia works for you ?

Can you convert it into an apk file? Please~

kts1.apk (9.1 MB)

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There was a change in the package name in Google Play upload.Please convert it to apk file again.
bts1 (2).aia (39.2 KB)

May I ask why won’t you use aia from #post2? Download it, upload it to creator and compile as apk. Then there will be no package name problem

I modified it because I heard that the name of the apk package was different when uploading the existing one to the Play Store.But why is there an error in saving apk files on my computer?

I can’t do it on my computer, so please do it one more time.
bts1 (2).aia (39.2 KB)

Try to solve it by checking project’s properties

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Thank you for your quick response.

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