Please make a feature to auto update app feature without installing update from PlayStore

Please read it carefully. Please make a feature to auto update app without installing.
We are testing apps without installing every time. In the same way, make a feature.
App should have all features that are in Kodular Companion.
Project ID and App ID should be same.
When we apply changes or update Project, App should automatically updated because all components are installed in app already.
I think its not harder to your team (Kodular) because you have already made similar app (companion).
Companion - Works with Wifi.
This Idea - Works with Database.

Thank You…
Waiting for this feature…


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Uhh It’s not possible and there are topics that discuss this already. Search for similar topics to see the reply

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I don’t think it’s possible…
As per my knowledge companion and the application aren’t the same thing :thinking:

If you are talking about that if app finds automatically the new update and downloads only new things or functions then it is not possible.
If you are talking about that app downloads whole new file then it is possible.
You can do this-
1.When screen initialize the firebase checks for new version.
2.If get value is new version then it shows a dialog about new version with buttons.
3.When download or upload button clicked redirect user to a custom file link where new version is.

I’m excited if we can update only the content we have updated like changed label text from A to B without updating the whole app. i know we can use databases or remote config but sometimes we need to update different things than we have set up to update with remote config. :roll_eyes:

But who told you Companion was made with Kodular / App Inventor?

And it is perfectly possible to update somethings on your app without updating, you just have to create the app already thinking about what you want to update.

Somethings will be impossible but many things are perfectly possible to do. I don’t know what you intend to do so I can’t say if can be done or not.


Follow the blocks with both options, by firebase or makeroid. Create a tag in firebase with the version, and when you want them to update, just change the tag value.