Polygon.Show Infobox block is not working

Hello Koders,

I need help for a problem with Polygon component.
The problem is Polygon Show InfoBox block is not working.

Here is my blocks, could you please test this (or similar very basic polygon) blocks on your companion?

I just want to show title and/or description on polygon automatically, without click on it.

For your test, here my test polygon points:

When I click on polygon on the map, Infobox is shows, but I cannot open it with Show InfoBox block.

I had test it on companion and apk loaded on phone, same results.

My phone ise Redmi Note 7 with MIUI 12.5.3 and Android version 10 (QKQ1.190910.002)

Also, I had tested it with same block with Marker component and there is no problem for using Show InfoBox block.

I’m curious about is this a bug or I’m doing something wrong? :slight_smile:

anybody to test this problem?