Populate block with content from JSON

Hello everyone,
i need to master to guide me, i’m a newbie about android, but i have some php & html skills.
I just need to understand how to display to user some content retrieved by a json call.
No problem with the json call.

I need to know where i can “save” the content after received, in some sort of “div”.
I’ve tried to save the content into a label, but maybe there is a better way.

Thank you.

Follow this guide to understand working with JSON:

What have you tried already? Show your blocks.

When you retrieved your datas, you can show them in a label, an input text, whatever you want in fact

One way is: Use the Web component to make a post, a get, direct your php url. Your php will return Json. Use the Json Text Decode method and then the LookUP in Pairs block.
Show what you’ve tried to do.