Possible to make phone call event from Dynamic Components value?

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Now I wanna do if someone can make a phone call when he press the number, from the Dynamic Components list like shown below. Possible? (the phone numbers all are fake)
Need you all guidance on this. Thank you very much.

Yes it is possible. When any cardview click if it is dynamic component get component’s id. From that you can find label’s component id and get label’s text - phone number.

hi @dora_paz,

something like this?

you should get text from the clicked component then only dial can be done

hi @Still-learning,

actually the displayed phone number component is a Label type with name “phonenum_”, and should i make it “Clickable” in its properties?

try like this

hi @Still-learning,

noted on your suggestions, but my Dynamic schema not using cardview type but instead just using vertical arrangement and horizontal arrangement. will this affect the action output?
and, what do you mean with “lab_ID” and “ph_no” ya for the local initialization?
what you mean with the “Text” ya?

sorry for asking so much because the values you are testing may be different from mine. therefore i need to understand why you use such way so that i can apply accordingly to my blocks. :pray:

Yes, you also try with vertical and horizontal arrangements.
“lab_ID” and “ph_no” is a variable use for save the valies.
“lab_ID” those variable from you will get your index number by replacing,after arrangments click
“ph_no” those variable from you get phone number after arrangements click

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Dynamic call.aia (45.1 KB)

sorry, for ref, see this

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