How to call the component switch in the dynamic component!

hello, I’m currently learning how to make dynamic components, I’m having a hard time I want to put a switch component in it, and help me how to get the id for each switch. thank you

this is the block code for the switch

Use the block

when any button clicked
If + Is the component is dynamic
Call notifier get dynamic component get id component

Already your blocks is having such block.

If you want card id, then in the dynamic procedure you must enable card view click able to true

And must use when any card view clicked and repeat the procedure what have added in the picture

Sorry i dont understand your thoughts can tou give me an example of which parts i shouls add, thank you for your appreciation

Here four types if dynamic component is there


Which one you want?

i tried to add a switch component, does it work?

You can see the process in when any button clicked. Better you remove all the blocks from that part and use notiifier alert + call dynamic comp. get dynamic component id (component) block

This block gives you id of the clicked component

I have tried to understand, but I still don’t understand, maybe you can help
Dynamctest2.aia (288.5 KB)

Try lilike this then you will be knowing id of the dynamic button(edit/delete) component except label but we can convert it…

But avoid card view id

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Try this

Dynamctest2_1.aia (291.5 KB)

thank you this is very helpful,

Then I got a new problem, how can I retrieve the value that has been inputted into the block

with a different id for each switch

which part is wrong i have tried it

tanks for response

Try like this

Yes, this works to retrieve the data value, but when I tested it by adding another new profile with the wrong value, the profile that was originally successful failed because of the new profile, what do you think?

so it can’t take connections in different connection profiles

I want to make it fetch data in each profile but what happens when adding a new input the values are the last ones to be inputted