Button click function doesn't work

i try to get internal name all of my dynamic component (Button, Cardview, etc)
but i can’t find the solution
I have tried using the button click function in “For Each number …” but it doesn’t work

You can solve your problem by other and simple… I mean i think u make it complicated

show me your solution, maybe it can be work

I can solve ur problem but actually i can’t understand ur aim by this blocks

i want to Show index of the clicked button to Label1
because in my other project i need when one of the dynamic component element click, that will get data from a list, so I need the index number of the element that I click

in Any Component of Button Click
You can set label text to
get id of component

Then you can use some text logics to remove the first text part of the ID and only showing the last number of it, which will be it’s index.

Thank’s for the solution @ADDYLIN

U can done this with use replacemnt all text " text blocks" + get id of component

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