How to click in dynamic cardview when there is two dynamic cardview in the same screen?

This is what i have done,its working for the first dynamic card view but not the second one
can any one please help me?

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Compare the ID’s of each card view and then deduce what you want to do.
If ID = 1

If ID = 2


sorry still didnt get you how will i be getting the id cause its showing the id clicked is 110 of 31 components and showing error

Are you using dynamic cardviews component or @yusufcihan 's dynamic components?

Edit: I see you are using dynamic components extension.
You have even used the block, Get Id
Use that same block to get the ID of card view that is clicked and then check whether its card view 1’s Id or Card View 2’s

@AtharvaPawar can you please show me an example? I rally cant understand

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but this is what i am asking, how will i be getting the id of the cardview 1 or card view 2 in “when any”

I have used when any Card View.Click event


I am also using the same but how can i do it please give me proper solution

What ID are you using for CardView1 and CardView2

i am using dynamic components1 and dynamic components 2


Would you mind in sharing the .aia so i can take a better look.
I dont think you ae getting me, I can try to solve the issue in the .aia itself the way you want.

Why won’t you use a label to debug your blocks with Do it . Delete the label after


@dora_paz @AtharvaPawar

please can any one please help me?

@AtharvaPawar ,

@kishore Have 2 CardViews Made With 2 Different DynamicCimponents [Extension]


He Wants To Distinguish If The CardView Clicked, Is Made By Wich Dynamic Component (1 or 2).


Oh okay

Is this what @kishore wants @ADDYLIN?


Yes Definitely.

Mine Way Was Different.
This One Is Good
And By Good I Mean Better.

Take it -


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