Previous Value was empty

Good morning every one.(I need help)
When I try to append value to firebase data base it show alert that …Previous value was empty… Can any one tell me the problem and by the way I connect the get value with list view and data change …and this is the componnt

Excause my english.and thank every one

Hi. There are many ways to do it.

  • You can save the list with a control item that you have to delete after
  • You can call the value and test if it’s empty and then chose to save a value or add a value (with an " if then else" control
  • you can use a variable to know if it’s the first start or not
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Thank you very much, but unfortuntely Iam new in kodular so if you dont mind show me the componnts please, and thank you again.

The block “append” works only if you already have a list in your firebase . Why you haven’t any value ? You have to create a record ? How you want to save data?
You have to read something more about firebase block and how they work :sweat_smile:

Often the solution is just ready, you have to search better in the community :+1:t2: here there is also a solution about append problem :wave:t2:

You solved ?

Yyes very thank you and all of members but I need a code for (move to) form visible arreinment to unvisible arreinment …

Hi , mark as solved in the right message.
To move from visible arrangement to unvisible is very easy , just use the set visible to true or false with the arrangment blocks. You can set it with a button or a clock or as you want according to your project.
blocks (1)

You have to use two of them together ,one to set visible and one to hide the 2 arrangment

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No no no man I dont mean that I know that, but I mean that if I need to move item form listview 1 in arreinment 1 to listview 2in arreinment 2 and all of those arreinment in the same I can do that,thank you.

To move items between listview you have to work with variable . Move items between variable list and then load the list in the right listview.

Create one HA with full width
Add two VA with with 50% each

In VA1 add Listview1
In VA1 add Listview2

And adjust remaining blocks

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