Firebase data replacement issue instead of adding

exactly like this

No this is wrong way. First you need to get the existing value from the firebase into a vatiable which is initialise with emoty list, then add iyems into this list then append the value into firebaselist

I don’t know how to do it, but can you show me with an example block?

Show your fb structure

Let me tell you the order I want to do, I created a user registration section, he wants to take the id of the users and save the photos they have taken as a link to the cloudinary and print the links next to the id of the users.

This is not called append…

Use the bucket as UsersPhoto
Store firebase value tag (user id)
Value (url)

So your fb struture will look like


mine looks like this

Yes, this is not called append… This struture only i have mentioned above and that one is good to use

Append mean

User id - value1,value2,value3…

And so on

well, is there no way to sort the links by the ids of such users?

Are you looking this option to be add in admin app? Want to sort users orderly?

My purpose is to print the url of the photos sent by that user from cloudinary next to the user’s name after registration.

So you want all the images sent by user in a list wait. Let me show you

Could you please show me

try like this


fb struture

while appending the values must be in list

In your case try like this

unfortunately, i tried and it still gives list error

No way… while executing time you must have a active user id… so once user logged in succes, save his user id in tinydb so that you can recover it in screen init…

else try this



surely this will work and you wont get any error. if still getting then check your all of your blocks properly icluding project bucket @mustafa_namer

Oh sorry… When media uploaded, save the url in one variable… Finaly use that variable in when clock timer… I have added 123 in value place but there url variable must come… Instead of url i was tested with variable and it works fine

I did the method you said, but it adds something like this, doesn’t add the link

Is this related to the Query of the topic?

You asked replacement but in picture there is no such evidense? BTW share us what have you tried…

Based on th above blocks Values are added in the fb list

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