Adding FireBase Data

Hello everyone,
Can anyone give me a help? :pray:t4:
I have this screen where I add new data.,

But when I do that, it left a value of โ€œ0โ€ in the database.

Where am I missing the blocks?

You could set the wizard language to English and send the screenshot again? :grin:

Follow again in english :grinning:


And if you can, you could send an AIA, because I canโ€™t figure it out, whatโ€™s up? :sweat_smile:

I sent the AIA for you to have a look.

Iโ€™m checking now. Give me a moment

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Are you going to replace the data or add something to it?

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I would like to add something to them

Try changing the list to Atualizar_Dados in Firebase Append Value!

I did not understand. can you show me?


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It works? :laughing:

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No, it has a value of โ€œemptyโ€ in the database.

Have you changed the list you send?

I didnโ€™t change anything

I will send a photo of the blocks, try to do it at home as in the photo below

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Ok, I will try this way. And I tell you. Thanks

Better tell if it works :laughing::laughing:

It didnโ€™t work. :sob:

No one else could help me. Someone from support?

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