Adding FireBase Data

you can load list and use add items to list, or if you want to change anything to list then use replace item in list, use index of item which you want to replace

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Good morning @ImranTariq
I put the add items block in the list, but when I do that, in firebase the data added in the selected tag does not appear.
Can you help me see where the error is in the blocks as follows?


Do it this way:

Hello Friend.
I already did, but this way the new data replaces the old one. And I don’t want that.
I want the new data to be added to what already exists in the database.

you are doing it wrong , you are adding items to wrong list, and not saving that to fire base,

Problem solved. I had to go get other sources.
But thanks to those who tried to help. Thanks


Hello! I have a very similar set of blocks and got the same problem.
Can you write in more detail what was the problem?

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