Probable Bug in Notifications

yes it is still here in community notification

Same problem. I’m getting multiple notifications when @Yasir_Shakoor replies to me. This problem only related to his posts. It works correctly for others.

Interesting :thinking:


We are not alone! People are connecting to this topic,…

I had this as an issue from Yasir a few months ago. Stopped all of a sudden

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That is also happening with me but on a specific topic where @Yasir_Shakoor posts.
It is showing notification in community, email and also in web notifications .
But once again I have to say this happens only on a specific topic.
Why:thinking: ?

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Describe your issue

sometimes when i open the community page, i receive a notification from an old topic where someone replied to me.

Actual Behaviour

the image below is the comment which is very old one. i am getting this reply as a new notification again and again. i don’t know why.


Topic link -

It is not the first time Yasir_Shakoor’s replies re-notify someone. Same thing happens for me:


Happens to me to. Same user. Can not tell why this happens.

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It happens to me as well. I had to disable the community notification robot on Telegram as this was happening every 5 or 10 minutes.

It also happens with me.
But every time the reply is of Yasir_shakoor.
Btw this is not new and is already reported.

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I too faced this issue and this is already reported here:

ant this is still a problem

@peter can you merge both topics


I had the same problem, but I fixed myself by disabling all notifications from Yasir_Shakoor. You can do this by adding him to Muted users in settings:

I had to do it because it was really annoying getting the same notification every day even I read his replies.

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I think this is the only way left :pensive:

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I got this as well after I interacted with him

Or mute the topic in question


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but for me it is not for any particular topic, its for topic i interacted with him, and they are any

Any reason for that @Diego?
Can you look for a reported issue ?
Its annoying

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This problem also happened to me and this is the solution I applied :sweat_smile:


Same thing happens with me few times but I didn’t take it seriously at time but after reading this topic I think it’s a serious bug :thinking:

Yup @Yasir_Shakoor is a bug here :joy::joy:


I request @Kodular team to solve the bug with my account, everyone is muting me​:sweat: