Problem associated with list making

This is a problem that i got and did not understand what it meant by .

This is the code .

That means that you are trying to select list item 2 while this list doesn’t have except one item.That also means that firebase returned and empty value.Which means also that there isn’t any tag with this may send us your database structure and how you get your data .Also you need to check your firebase creditinals.

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In the screenshot tht i posted , there was no more than list except this which was written under name . I had put true in the firebase .

I think you didn’t answer me.My questions are:

This is send section where i send my data . I am sending the data via the typed phone number in text box .

This is the received data from the phonenumber that i put in textnumber

Okay can you show me your firebase data?Also are you sure you set the firebase url?

This is the URL.

Okay.Why you left the bucket property blank?Are you going to set it in the blocks.Also can you show your fire base data?

YES , The bucket property is being used in the block. it stores the phone number that i am going to send the data . it is there in the send and receive block :slight_smile:

Okay do you use the same bucket for sending and reciving?

I am facing the same problem while getting a list value from Firebase DB because it’s stored as string not as list and i don’t know how to make it list, i need help me too :pleading_face:

Yes i am using the same bucket for sending and receiving . in receive section , i use bucket to set it to the receiving number while the bucket in send section is used to set to send number .

Okay can you debug your block by using do it and tell me what does it return?

Is it like this ?

I can’t understand.Just right click on the value ( or set a global variable to value ) and choose do it and send what it returns.
Also post a screenshot from your firebase data.

The error is not shown right now. Thank U
Another query , will the contact numbers that i had set to bucket in receive and send help to transfer data between the contact

i don’t think so. because for example if someone is contacting 00000000 and his number is 11111111.And the other one he is chatting with is contacting number 1111111 whereas his number is 0000000 so every one will be in a separate list.My idea is to set the bucket name to a random name that no one know except those two that are chatting together.or set it to something like that 0000000-1111111

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This will not occur because the one who has 000000 will know the person who has 1111111 ; else he could save his number as contact . I had given contact in send section so the first user can add the second user who has 111111 to the text box which is set to firebase contact in send section :like wise , the second user can type 00000 in his contact which will be set to the bucket
Morevover , this app is used by many users and it is pratically impossible to setting it to 000000 or 1111111

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also , only 2 users communicate with each other all time unless there is one decide to call of the communication and let another person start the communication
This is how the app works ; This method that i done is possible right ?@mohamed_tamer :slight_smile:

So you don’t set the fire base bucket to the number that should recive in both the two users?Or what?

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