Problem(error) in side menu layout

The line is there but is too light, try with a different theme

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I tried with other colour(grey):point_down:

It’s not showing??
But in my another project it is showing. Screenshot on first post.

And why don’t you try to create your own Menu with an Arrangement? :thinking:

You would also save some kb by using labels with FontAwesome or MaterialIcons

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Same problem

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try this , i have created a my own screen layout in this app, import screen and check

mifestereo_web2_Screen1.ais (18.4 KB)

Use darker colors or use different theme

@Boban @ImranTariq @alexitoo_uy Thanks for all your help and suggestions. I created a custom side menu which is far better (for me) then the other.



This is always the best option because you can do it the way you want it


have you checked my screen? i also created a side menu similar to original one, you can copy that also.

Thanks, but i liked this one this matches my theme of app.This is my app you watch it.


@themaayur How did you do that when your app is opened after sometime the registration layout comes from bottom to center like an animation. Please can you say how did you do that

@shiva-sandupatla Ok. First make a login/register arrangement as you want. Then make sure when it is visible it remains at bottom od screen. Then make the arrangements visible to false. Set a timer of 1-2 sec and use animation utilities in utilities section. Blocks and design are below :point_down:

Here is the screen @shiva-sandupatla Animation_Screen1.ais (25.6 KB)

Thanks alot @themaayur

hey @themaayur when i import that animation screen and open it then it says internal bug and shows following error.


Ok I will see that @shiva-sandupatla till then try to make something by referring the previous post.

This is perfect tutorial for you.

Fine thank you

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