Problem in cardvidview extension

I am trying to make a dynamic wallpaper app using cardview extension but it gives me some error like

Blocks used are as follow:

Can somebody suggest me to solve this issue

why you are using the extension? Makeroid is providing readymade card view component which is very easy to use. So try that component!

Does makeroid cardview support list style images?

First see my blocks what i am try to do any suggest me to solve this problem that would be really helpful

It looks like you are trying to load a multiple images that are big in size

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Yes i am trying to load almost 100 images from spreadsheet
can you suggest me to solve my problem

Dont use that many images. Also use ones with lower quality. you dont need images of 8mb each when you are loading 100 of them

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bigger image = lots of loading time.

You should use a low size image thumbnail in your wallpaper app,
use thumbnail for card view extension and the HD image to load on the set screen.
it will reduce loading time.

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@techcvr ok i will try that

@Sander I am using with maximum size of 500kb only not even a single image is more than 1mb

100 x 500kb = 50000kb = 50mb

So that is still a lot

Better if you load one by one?

thats the problem i dont know how to load one by one can you please teach me @David

You should only load the ones you need. Maybe categorize them?

Or maybe just try paid extension…
For eg. @Said-Dev’s VariousGrid

use Async Image loader by Colin, it will load your images without any lag and you can load images one by one also using this extension.

Ok i will have a look at that