Problem in installing application

I am trying to install the apk in my device, it shows the application is installed. But I am not able to see the application in my device.

Have you restart your device?

I have restarted my device, Reinstalled the apk file, refreshed the website also.

Have you copied your existing project with a new name and tried to install?

If yes, then your package name is over written, try changing package name.

I have copied the existing project only.
Okay I will try it.
Thank you

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Changing package name dont work properly,

Create a new project, import screens from your current project by exporting them and import to new project.

Is the Open button also disabled after you install your app?
If this is the case, then check if any result from below search can help

Any news on this topic? I have now the same problem, I saved a checkpoint in my app and made some minor changes, then added an icon which I uploaded in Assets and now it doesn’t show the “Open” button.


Did you get any help from the results of this? :point_up:

Here is the solution:

This was happened with me also. This guide is helpful.

Try it.

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