Problem in my app

Well, my program is a recruitment program that includes two users. It contains three screens. The first screen is for registration and login for pre-registered users. The second interface contains three interfaces, a profile interface and an interface that contains a list of jobs announced by the user and an interface to add an advertisement, and the third screen contains On the interface of adding an ad only, to which the user navigates through the “navigation button” on the second screen, a “firbase” database was used to save the users’ data, but to add and display an ad with the rest of the ads, three “spreadsheet” things were used on the “Airtable” platform to save The advertisement data as soon as it is entered by the user and then retrieved and displayed on the “colListView” is present in the second screen. My problem is that the data is not uploaded to my table in the “Airtable” platform, and no new item is added in the “colListView” list. I linked all the “spreadsheets” that I added to the same table On the “Airtable” platform, is the error here? The third thing I used is the “Cloudinary” platform. I used it to save the image that the user inserts when adding an ad, and when the image is successfully uploaded, the other data is added with the image link on the “spreadsheet” and the strange thing is that the image is loaded successfully but no data is added to the table, see the code to understand me more and help me I have to solve it

Without a screenshot of your blocks no one can help you especially the blocks related to create a new row in Airtable